VAME weekend-away 2020

Due to Covid restrictions, our 2020 VAME weekend-away was cancelled. However, many VAME members took up the challenge to make their project during lockdown:

1:48 project: What is in your courtyard?

Jan S.
Hazel K.
Caroline and Dale J.
Lynette S.
Alana R.

Jenny J.
Kay McD.

Judy Sch.
Marg Y.

Karen M.

1:12 Project: What’s in your corner shop?

Andrea C.
Robyn T.

Laura LP. (front view)
Laura LP. (top view)
Angie P. (front view)
Angie P. (top view)
Wendy J. (front view)
Wendy J. (top view)
Jacqui A.

Jacqui A. (inside view)