We are very excited to have two exciting new projects for next year’s weekend away. We are expecting many members will want to attend so we will only offer UFO places after we know our numbers at the end of November. If you choose this option, please indicate it in the shopping cart but do not pay yet.

Lyrebird is charging accommodation on 3 levels and prices are approximate until early next year. Prices are based on 35 attending though we always have 40 or more for this weekend. Prices for 40+ are in brackets

· 3+ to a room $300 ($285) - this applies to the dormitory too

· 2 to a room $325 ($325)

· 1 to a room $355 ($340) Single rooms will be allocated on first come first serve basis.

There are 2 dormitories which hold 8 people and have 3 showers and toilets in each. Please indicate in the shopping cart if you would be happy to be placed in one of these. (Dormitory 8 to a room)

· Bedding costs will be approximately $62 (single) and $73 (double)

Deposits for attending this weekend will be the cost of your chosen workshop plus $100 of the accommodation cost.

Please pay your deposit by November 30th.

We will confirm the accommodation in the December newsletter and the remainder of payment will be due by the March 2024 workshop. Around that time, we will also ask you for linen package and dietary requirements.


KIT: You can buy a kit only if you do not want to attend the weekend, please follow the instructions via the picture below.

UFO (Unfinished Object): We prioritise members who are participating in the workshops and will only offer UFO places if we do not have enough people. If you would like to do your own project instead of participating in one of the workshops, please indicate that you would like to attend as a UFO. Please do NOT tick any of the accommodation options and tick the box with UFO - to be confirmed. Please follow instructions via the picture below.

This weekend away and/or the kits are available for VAME members only. If you would like to join us, please add the membership to your shopping bag.

Please click on the picture below to continue.