Gentleman’s retreat

A. Currie

The Gentleman’s retreat was one of VAME weekend-away projects in 1:12 scale. Our challenge was forming the shaped back walls which allowed recesses and even an outdoor backdrop. Here you can see a writer in the midst of his creative process.

A. Perry

The wood panels in this Gentleman’s retreat have been made with narrow pieces of wood. You can see the outside through the window. The owner of this retreat likes hunting and art.

M. Young

As you can see, here is another version of the Gentleman’s retreat. There is a different colour scheme and this gentleman loves his retreat to be tidy and organised. He also likes the finer things in life: a good cognac, some good books to read, and some fine quality collector’s items.

M. Bron

Ladies can also enjoy a retreat. This lady used to be an opera singer and many of her items relate to music and theatre. The piano and chaise-longue are handmade from balsa wood and the beautiful lace shawl was hand knitted with very fine knitting needles.